Miles for Smiles

Starting in 2003 AKIM-Jerusalem has been holding an annual fundraising trek to improve the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Miles for Smiles is an opportunity to challenge yourself and impact the lives of AKIM-Jerusalem’s beneficiaries. The trek is an annual declaration to them and their families that they do not walk alone – we ALL truly care.

How does the trek work?

Each trekker pays a registration fee and commits to raise through sponsorship or other means a specified minimum amount.

Registration can be done online through this website or by contacting us directly.

All donations on this website are tax- deductible.


AKIM-Jerusalem, an Israeli non-profit founded in 1951, has a wealth of experience in assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Its mission is to develop, advance, and enhance the quality of life of Jerusalem’s intellectually challenged youth and adult population. AKIM-Jerusalem offers comprehensive leisure-time activities, vocational training and therapeutic and residential services to 160 residents and some 200 families in the community. Serving people of all ages, ethnicities and levels of functioning, the organization is run by professionals overseen by board made up of parents and public representatives.

AKIM-Jerusalem’s efforts are supported by the Israeli government and by friends like you. The governmental support covers the basics. You ensure that the beneficiaries of AKIM-Jerusalem gain so much more: increased therapeutic intervention and an altogether better quality of life.


With your help they can reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

  • AKIM-Jerusalem After-School program

    AKIM-Jerusalem collaborates with the Ben Yehuda School in Jerusalem, to provide stimulating and enjoyable afternoon activities for children with intellectual disabilities. The program includes art, music, theater and gardening and sports.

  • AKIM-Jerusalem Apartments

    Adults with intellectual disabilities enjoy independent living with peers in shared apartments under the auspices of AKIM-Jerusalem. There are 19 such apartments in residential neighborhoods throughout the city. The residents are employed in adapted workplaces and take responsibility for their chores, shopping and leisure activities and achieve full integration into their communities. They are guided in their day-to-day needs by counselors, who, when needed, are also present at night.

  • AKIM-Jerusalem’s Beit Rachel Straus

    The cultural center, known by its initials, Barash, was created by AKIM-Jerusalem to provide shared cultural and social activities to bring together people with intellectual disabilities with members of the community at large.

  • AKIM-Jerusalem Hostels

    These residences were Israel’s first shared living accommodations for adults with intellectual disabilities, established by AKIM-Jerusalem in 1951. Approximately 30 men and women reside in each of three hostels: Beit Yulia, Beit Magen and Beit Leo. Many of the men and women have lived in these residences for their entire adult lives. People with intellectual disabilities are vulnerable to premature aging and disabilities. AKIM-Jerusalem is in the process of adapting these hostels so they can be safe and comfortable homes to adults as they grow frail. In addition to full-time counselors and aides, physicians and paramedical staff tend to the needs of the residents on a daily basis.